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In depth transformational work for healing and growing in life and relationships


There is something obscure which is complete before Heaven and Earth arose. Tranquil, quiet, standing alone, unchanging, infinite, eternally present. It is the mother of everything.
I don’t know its name and call it Tao.”
Lao Tzu in the Tao te Ching c. 500 BC:

By awakening to our true selves and setting ourselves free from the imprints of the past, our minds become open and creative, our bodies liberated and our hearts filled with love. This is the peaceful, inner revolution that is needed on the planet now. We take part in this transformation by coming into union with universal presence, into oneness with the Tao.

Living Tao courses and sessions

give in depth support and powerful tools enabling you to work constructively with conflicts or difficulties in your life and relationships. They will support you to open to deep love, presence and connection and live in a way that fulfills you and is rich in natural well being.

I work with simple, yet deep reaching methods

that include conscious breathwork, integrative awareness, Taoist meditations and energy cultivation practices. Together they form an integrated way of transformation that works with every aspect of yourself - the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual, providing a way of looking under the surface of our existence into the actuality of ourselves.

This is indepth work that I (together with Ella) have developed over the last 32 years, with no gimmicks, no quick fix, but working at the real pace that human beings actually heal, grow and mature and with very real results.

This work will enable you to recognise and release old patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour that keep you limited or trapped in repeating and often destructive scenarios. It will enable you to come into a compassionate self holding where any wounds, hurts and inner fragmentation are healed and integrated. Through this you become centered, fully present and free to be who you actually are.

The Tao and the way I work

The Tao (pronounced Dow) is the undivided unity of being, both the essence and way of the universe. All things are one within the Tao, all emanate from it. We become at peace, fulfilled and enlightened, when we fully realise our oneness with the Tao. Our courses and sessions give support in realising this oneness by developing the ability to know ourselves as the essential presence within the self. This is a process that is beyond words or concepts: it happens deep within ourselves as we become fully present and conscious in our bodies, within the depth and breadth of what is in this moment.

This is an earthy, grounded process - illusory ways of living fall away as we come into the actuality of who and what we truly are. It is a journey to awakening, a journey to become strong and aware in heart, body, mind and spirit, fully alive and able to play our part in life.

The individual sessions and courses complement each other. The individual sessions give one to one attention to what is happening for you, in depth individual support. The group work offers longer periods of focussed time going step by step through the healing practices and understanding the whole process more deeply. Plus you get the valuable support of a focussed group of people – having a healthy community to relate and grow with adds immeasurably to the depth of healing.

The Barefoot Practitioner Training which we have run over the last twelve years is a profound journey of self healing and growth: a journey to directly expereince, integrate and empower your true nature and bring about deep changes in your life and relationships. It is a practitioner training in that it is about practicing conscious awareness and actual self transformation and in the sense that you will be able to share with others what you put into practice.

Our work is held here at our beautiful and simple venue. It is a place that is full of nature, alive with natural energy which reaches out for you to connect and merge into nature your self.

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