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A barefoot practitioner traditionally is

“This is the simple path: to return to the simplicity and naturalness we once had. The path of the breeze that gently whispers through the trees, of the bird that climbs into the open, clear blue sky. The way of the simple flowers that blossom without effort and through Wu Wei catch the warmth and blessing of the sun. The way of the waters that run through the veins of the earth and pass at last into the wide ocean.
To feel Wu Wei is to know the inner pulse of the Tao, which is reality itself.”
Lao Tzu c 6th century BC

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Previous Barefoot Practitioner Course Participants

The Living Tao Barefoot Practitioner training is a profound journey of self healing and growth. It is a journey to directly experience, integrate and empower your true nature and bring about profound changes in your life and relationships.

On the course we will work with simple, yet deep reaching methods that include conscious breathwork, integrative awareness, and ancient Taoist meditations and energy cultivation practices. Together they create an integrated healing way that works with every aspect of yourself - the physical, emotional, sexual, mental and the spiritual. This is in-depth work that, together with my Late wife Ella, I have developed over the last thirty years that provides a way of looking under the surface of our existence into the actuality of ourselves.

The course will enable you to recognise and release old patterns of emotion, thought and behaviour that keep you limited or trapped. It will

enable you to come into a compassionate self holding where any wounds, hurts and inner fragmentation are healed and integrated. Through this you become centred, fully present and free to be who you actually are, enabling you to live in a way that fulfils you, and is rich in loving relationship, healthy community, natural well being, in harmony with nature and all of life.

Throughout the course there will be information about, and practical opportunities to experience, working with others in this way. As you integrate the understandings and healing practices in your life you will be able to share with others what you have put into practice for yourself.

About the Tao and the way I work

The Tao (pronounced “Dow”) is the undivided unity of being, both the essence and way of the universe. Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao te Ching c. 500 BC: “There is something obscure which is complete before Heaven and Earth arose. Tranquil, quiet, standing alone, unchanging, infinite, eternally present. It is the mother of everything. I don’t know its name and call it Tao.”

All things are one within the Tao, all emanate from it. We become at peace, fulfiled and enlightened, when we fully realise our oneness with the Tao.

This training will support you to:

• understand and integrate limiting and self sabotaging conditioning and behaviour patterns

• be fully present and centered.

• heal and integrate deep fears, wounds or trauma.

• be able to respond creatively to the challenges and stresses life presents.

• have healthy relationships free of the compromises and traps of co- dependence.

• live and love fully and freely.

• free your life energy flow in a way that energises, heals and empowers.

• live in harmony with nature and open to the flow of life.

Making changes, healing and growing often involves facing fears - the frightened places within that often don’t want to make any change at all. The course will teach you how to empower your will in the face of these feelings and fears. You will find out how to put your essential presence into the drivers seat instead of unconscious behaviour patterns and learn ways to take care of and integrate these aspects of yourself.

The nature of the committed group makes a very safe, supportive space for the deepest healing and growth. In such a group a community is formed that is rich in conscious awareness which allows any residual patterns from the past, from family and childhood to be brought to the surface for healing. We work with this consciously and clearly as a valuable part of the healing process, focusing on issues around trust, safety, confidentiality, boundaries, projection, transference and so on.


This course is only for those who are wanting to work very deeply and are fully willing to heal and grow. We ask that participants commit to being honest and self responsible within the group and to fully engage in the healing process. It is your willingness to work with the practices and processes in your life, along with groups, that brings the results.

You will need to have done at least 4 individual sessions. If you have difficulties in integrating the material of the course we recommend you continue doing regular sessions with us to help this process.

Our commitment to participants is that we do our best to ensure group safety and to support integration on each stage of the journey.

Prerequisites on addictions.

Addictions are an issue that we will work with during the course as they affect almost everyone. However the course will not work for you if you are addicted to and regularly take mind altering substances. These include alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and nicotine. We can help dealing with such addictions in personal sessions and strongly recommend programmes that specialise in these areas to help you address your addiction before coming on the course. If you have problems with addictions and want to do the course, please talk to us.

Course Schedule:

As new elements are introduced on each weekend they will build on the previous elements and step by step integrate together into a whole system. There are in-depth notes to accompany the course which build into a manual to help integrate the experience of the healing journey.


October 13 - 15: Presence and the Tao

Taoist meditations for centering in presence. The Tao and the nature of your being. Awakening to who you truly are. Emotional healing, body awareness, self healing and holding in love and compassion.

November 17 - 19: Conscious breathwork

Conscious breathwork has roots in ancient Taoist and Yogic breathing techniques and brings about deep clearing, release and healing. (It was brought to the West in the 70’s under the name of “Rebirthing”.) This breathwork acts in a direct, simple and safe way with all levels of being - emotionally, energetically, physically, mentally and spiritually to free and release whatever prevents free flow of energy and full presence. Through it you can enter into a profoundly aware state of being - a heightened and grounded awareness of what is happening in your body, emotions and mind, and beyond your body.

December1 - 3 or 8 - 10 (to be confirmed) Working with patterns, imprints and survival strategies

Focus on core beliefs, patterns, imprints and survival strategies to enable self understanding and conscious awakening. Freeing and healing inherited family imprinting and cultural conditioning. Understanding the ego and the nature of false identity - where we believe that the patterns of thought and behaviour, and the imprints and emotions are the self. Addressing the nature of addictions and self sabotage/ self destruct patterns. Exploring who we really are and shifting the focus of identity to the presence of our being.

January 26 - 28: Healing and integrating inner fragmentation

Healing and integrating the inner child, animal and other hurt, shadowy, lost or separated aspects of the fragmented ego, mind and emotional body. Integrative inner dialogue - a very useful way of self understanding and moving out of separation and fragmentation into unified conscious presence

February 23 - 25: Soul Healing

The journey to full spiritual and physical embodiment. Birth, womb and conception experiences and imprints. Freeing body and soul from emotional and energetic patterns from the past. Karmic clearing and healing from trauma. Re- integrating soul fragments.

March 23rd - 25th: Sexual healing and Taoist energy practices

Taoist sexual energy practices for healing, clearing and inner unification within the body. Freeing the flow of energy and life force. Sexual energy as healing energy. Healing sexual fragmentation and conditioning, trauma or abuse. Male and female sexual healing. Integrating sexuality with spirit, heart and all the energy centres - becoming whole, empowered and fully present in your body. Conscious lovemaking. Reclaiming natural innocence and aliveness.

April 27 - 29: Relationships : healing and growth

Interlocking patterns in relationships. Co -dependence and collusion. Working with conflicts, hurt, fear, anger, blame and arguments. Working with projection and transference. Developing self responsibility, trust, safety and healthy boundaries. Opening to love and the healing that love creates. Creating and maintaining healthy, conscious, loving relationships that support mutual healing and growth.

May 25 - 28: Long weekend including: Elemental healing
and supporting others on the healing journey

Elemental healing with earth, air, fire and water for physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing and rebalancing. Flowing with the yin and yang energies of life - for rest, renewal, inner alignment and the ability to create and act. Opening to universal presence, chi, and living in oneness with all of life, with nature and the Tao.

Integration of all aspects of the course into a whole system. Becoming whole - bringing mind, body, spirit and emotions into oneness. Integration of patterns, wounds, imprints and fragmentation through the cycles of healing. Coming into full presence and self empowerment.

Holding space for other's healing - the nature of true support. Integration and completion in healing sessions.

We suggest that everyone stays on site for these four lovely summer days to deepen our sense of community and communing with nature (starting Friday 11am, finishing Monday 4pm)

June 29 - July 1: Fulfilling your Life & Completion

Living and loving fully with steady presence, opening to and flowing into life’s deepest potential. Fulfilling your life, your soul's path and life's work.

Advanced training courses are offered on completion of this course for those who want to go more deeply into what is involved in holding space for others in the self healing journey and for relationship and sexuality practitioner training.


For previous participants feedback on this course, click here


Venue: Here at Avalon Permaculture Gardens, Nr Glastonbury.

Times: Fridays at 7.00 for 7.30pm -10pm Usually on Saturday the times will be 10am - 7pm and Sunday 10am - 4.30 pm.

Cost: The cost of the course is £1,200 - £1,600 on a sliding scale according to your ability to pay

Deposit: £200.

This is a committed group and the balance is required at the start of the group. For those who need to pay by monthly instalments we have devised a way to make committed payments over the year. Talk with us about this if you need to make this arrangement.

If you are interested in taking part in this course please talk with us about it. We only take people onto this course that we feel are ready for it. This ensures a strong focused group of people all ready to embark on this journey. There is a maximum of 18 places.

Food and accommodation:

Food: we provide simple organic vegetarian lunches on Saturday and Sunday.

Staying on site:

Camping is available at £10 a night

Staying communally in the heated group space, which includes foam mattresses at £10 a night.

We also have a converted stable room which can accommodate 2 people at £15 a night per person supplying your own bedding £20 inc bedding.

These prices all include hot camp style showers and simple self serve organic breakfasts.

For supper on Saturdays you may like to bring ingredients for a pot luck supper.

B&Bs There are many good B&Bs locally and in Glastonbury (5 miles away) please ask us for details.


More Previous Barefoot Practitioner Course Participants

2016 Barefoot training PDF format

We can realise this oneness by developing the ability to know ourselves as the essential presence within the self, and recognise it in others and within all of life. This is a process that is beyond words or concepts: it happens deep within ourselves, it happens as we become fully present and conscious in our bodies - it happens when we become fully present within the depth and breadth of what is in this moment.

This is an earthy, grounded process - illusory ways of living fall away as we come into the actuality of who and what we truly are. It is a journey to awakening, a journey to become strong and aware in heart, body, mind and spirit, fully alive and able to play our part in life.

2016 Barefoot training PDF format