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This weekend course will support you to open more deeply to love, sexual intimacy and grow in the way you relate. Whether you are in or out of relationship the course will introduce you to simple yet deeply reaching ways by which you can grow step by step into a transformation of your sexuality and relationships.

Self help for relationships
You will learn key self help ways of working constructively with hurt, fear, anger, blame, arguments and other difficulties in relationships. You will learn the basics of moving out of co -dependence and of creating and maintaining healthy, conscious, deeply loving relationships that support mutual healing and growth.

The dynamics of yin and yang
We will look at the dynamics of yin and yang energy in love, sex and relationships. This can greatly help in understanding and unravelling common problems and difficult scenarios that often occur in relationships.

Taoist sexual energy cultivation practices
I will introduce Taoist sexual energy cultivation practices which bring about healing, clearing and unification within the body. They free up the flow of energy and life force enabling you to become integrated, energised, empowered and fully present in your body. The practices enable the healing of any sexual fragmentation or wounding. We will share how to bring these practices into lovemaking to enable a state of sexual intimacy that is deeply healing, playful and ecstatic.

Given the vastness of the subject matter, this weekend course serves as a useful and practical introduction to the material. All of the issues addressed on this course will be covered in more depth on the Barefoot Practitioner Training and can be followed up in sessions.

Times: Friday 7.30pm - 10.pm, Saturday 10 am - 7pm, Sunday 10 am - 4.30 pm

Cost: sliding scale £140 - £170 according to ability to pay - Deposit: £60

Lunches: we provide simple organic vegetarian lunches
For supper on Saturday you can bring ingredients for a communally created meal.



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