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Welcome to my website. Here you'll find information about my work, courses, individual and couple's sessions and about Avalon Permaculture Gardens. a centre dedicated to environmental and human healing.

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By awakening to our true selves and setting ourselves free from the imprints of the past, our minds become open and creative, our bodies liberated and our hearts filled with love. This is the peaceful, inner revolution that is needed on the planet now. We take part in this transformation by coming into union with universal presence, into oneness with the Tao.

This web site is now in the process of being updated. It has taken a while for me to get to doing this since my wife, Ella Portman, with whom I led workshops and built our healing and permaculture centre died 3 years ago.

A lot is happening here at Avalon Permaculture Gardens. Recently, together with a circle of neigbours we have purchased 7 1/2 acres of adjacent land with the intention to rewilding it as an educational and healing resource. More info on that will follow soon, there will be plenty of volunteering opportunities. A 3rd year Barefoot Practitioner Training has just completed. I am leading a new Barefoot training From Feb 2016 - details are posted. This is now running and a closed group. At present I am considering weather to offer a second year Barefoot Practitioner Training or another first year in 2017. This depends on how many from the present group want to carry on into the next level. I will know soon and details will appear here. meanwhile here is a link to the provisional 2nd year Barefoot Practitioner Training

Meanwhile the information on the site is a useful guide to the work I offer and the place Ella and I created and where I now live with a small community.